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Nebo Grilla Light 300

Nebo Grilla Light 300

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Grilling at night can be frustrating without the right light so when those late-night cravings hit, fire up and light up your grill with NEBO’s Grilla™ Light 300. Poor lighting and shadows can affect the color of your food resulting in it being either undercooked or overcooked so to combat this, NEBO’s ChromaView™ Technology displays true and accurate color clarity to enhance and improve your grilling experience at night. Designed with a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) rating, your food will look as good as it will taste. Built with versatility in mind, you can attach it to a grill handle with the universal clamp, mount it to any metal surface with the magnetic base or detach it for handheld use. The silicone grip is heat-resistant, and the aircraft-grade aluminum housing is water-resistant so not even rain will hold you back from that midnight feast. And when you need to crack open your favorite beverage don’t go searching for a bottle opener because there is one built right into this clever design. Powered by (3) AA alkaline batteries with dual light modes and a max light output of 300 lumens, it can provide up to 16 hours of illumination.

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